36 | Suicide, Christianity and Eternity with Pastor Skip Heitzig - Lenya Heitzig
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36 | Suicide, Christianity and Eternity with Pastor Skip Heitzig

Pastor Skip Heitzig sits down with Lenya Heitzig (@lenyaheitzig) and Lindsey Maestas (@lindsey.maestas) to discuss what the Bible says about suicide. 

Suicide rates have skyrocketed during the Coronavirus pandemic and youth are also being affected. But God has a plan for the broken and the lost.

In this conversation, Lenya shares her own past experience with depression and conversations of suicide and Pastor Skip talks about God’s perspective on suicide. He answers questions like: “Does the act of suicide send someone to Hell?” and why suicide is never God’s path for someone’s life. 

We discuss why God allows evil and how evil can be used for God’s good. We pray that this episode encourages your heart and helps to prepare you for conversations with friends in need.

Purchase Pastor Skip Heitzig’s booklet: God and Suicide

Purchase Pastor Skip Hetizig’s book: Biography of God


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