42 | My Story of Sexual Abuse and Healing with Jena Gallo and Laura McEwen
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42 | My Story of Sexual Abuse and Healing with Jena Gallo and Laura McEwen

Research indicates that when abuse victims feel like they can’t or shouldn’t talk about their experiences, their trauma can worsen.

On today’s episode, Jena Gallo shares her story of sexual abuse and trauma alongside her friend, Laura McEwen, who stood beside her during the arduous healing process. 

We discuss how shame, guilt and the lies of the enemy tend to silence women from speaking the truth about their circumstances, but also how relationship, the power of God’s word and putting our pain in the light can bring redemptive healing.

According to statistics, 1 in 4 women have been sexually assaulted, which means you likely know someone who has faced this alone (or may still be walking through it.) Laura’s words of encouragement on what it meant to be a friend during this season, albeit not a perfect one, is an encouragement to all of us. 

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