24 | Tracy Steel: The Battle Against Discontentment - Lenya Heitzig
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christianity discontentment

24 | Tracy Steel: The Battle Against Discontentment

One of the most elusive of all Christian virtues, except for perhaps humility is contentment.

We want the house, the pretty thing, the size 2 jeans – and sometimes that isn’t our reality. And discontentment seeps in as comparison and envy eat away at us.

Today’s wonderful guest, Tracy Steel is a mentor, author, and speaker who is passionate about helping women become who and what God wants them to be. She went to school for Interior Design and has now written a book on how God’s design principles and Interior Design are one in the same.

Lindsey Maestas and Tracy are discussing how difficult it can be (especially with social media) to not be consumed with what we don’t have. We adopt worldly goals and are always left wanting.

But God wants to fill that void in our hearts with Himself. On today’s episode, Tracy gives tips on battling against discontentment with a Gospel-foundation. 

She reminds us of the assurances of God, why anxiety tends to rise in our hearts and why she views grief as a beautiful gift.

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