Ep 20 | Daniel Fusco: A Kingdom Mindset Over a Media Mindset - Lenya Heitzig
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Daniel Fusco

Ep 20 | Daniel Fusco: A Kingdom Mindset Over a Media Mindset

Pastor Daniel Fusco is just as kind, wise and loving in conversation as he is online. Lenya Heitzig and Lindsey Maestas talk to Daniel about the negative “click bait” in the media and why our sinful nature prefers the fear-mongering posts over wholesome, edifying truths. 

Pastor Daniel, Lindsey and Lenya have an incredible discussion about our need for meaning and intimacy and how we often run so quickly toward temporary satisfactions.

We dive into the topics of social justice, the connection between humility and happiness and Daniel’s new book, Crazy Happy, where he ties together the fruits of the spirit and the beatitudes.

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Check Out Pastor Daniel’s Books:

Upward, Inward, Outward

Crazy Happy


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