Spiritual Gifts Ep. 1: The Holy Spirit and You - Lenya Heitzig
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Lenya and Lindsey

Spiritual Gifts Ep. 1: The Holy Spirit and You

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On today’s episode, we are diving into a brand new series: Spiritual Gifts!

We are seeing right now in the thick of COVID-19 and isolation, that the natural way of things is just not working. We need supernatural! We need Jesus and the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with peace, compassion, conviction and an eagerness to serve. We want our listeners to understand how the Holy Spirit is working, or how He CAN work, powerfully within you!

We will have 7 interviews with one male and one female to talk about their own motivational spiritual gifts. If you love the Enneagram, you’ll love this! They will be sharing how they’ve learned to listen to the Holy Spirit and practical ways that you can live out your gifts. 

This episode is a quick introduction to how the Holy Spirit can use YOU in a powerful way through your own gifts! 

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