Ep 16 | Christian, How Strong Is Your Ship? - Lenya Heitzig
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V.F. Sharp

Ep 16 | Christian, How Strong Is Your Ship?

Today’s episode is perfectly suited for this season of life that were in. Our special guest, author V.F. Sharp, is talking about how she has been forced out of the comfort zone that was her life due to chronic pain.

She discusses how she has been used by God in a way that she never could have imagined because God has allowed hardship that propelled her forward in her faith.

Vanessa shares about writing her first book of a trilogy and how God has used her pain and her trial to see him more clearly, in spite of her whole world flipping upside down.

In the midst of this pandemic and time of isolation, the temptation to allow anxiety or panic to reign in our hearts is pounding at the door. Are you worshiping in this valley as much as you do on the mountaintop?⠀

Friends, when we invest our time in strengthening our ship – the faith that withstands the strongest storms – we find that hope fills our hearts. ⠀

It isn’t ever too late to fortify your faith. Listen in to find out how. 🧡

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