Ep 15 | Mending America's Divisiveness with Biblical Truth - Lenya Heitzig
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Jackie Cushman

Ep 15 | Mending America’s Divisiveness with Biblical Truth

The art of listening seems to be lost on our country – especially when it comes to topics that make us uncomfortable.

On today’s episode, Jackie Gingrich Cushman is talking about why we should choose to have civil disagreements with the goal of finding a common ground. She discusses the art of listening to one another and why we should welcome relationships with others who may have differing viewpoints or beliefs than we do. 

Lenya, Lindsey and Jackie have an honest conversation about the state of our country and share ideas regarding how to communicate and share your faith openly with those around you. We also talk about the importance of understanding the truth that listening to someone’s opinion is not equal to approving of their opinion. 

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