Ep 10 | From the Weight of the Law to the Freedom of Grace - Lenya Heitzig
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Samuel Smadja

Ep 10 | From the Weight of the Law to the Freedom of Grace

On today’s episode, we are speaking to Samuel Smadja all the way from Israel. Get ready to take some notes or mental notes because you are going to learn a tremendous amount! 
Today, Lenya, Samuel and Lindsey are talking about the many misconceptions and differences between Judaism and Christianity and the pressure that the 613 commands of the Mosaic Law places on the Jewish people. 
We discuss the fruit that must be seen in a believer’s life, the guilt that we feel when we aren’t ‘working’ hard enough and we dive into an incredibly insightful discussion about a works-based faith vs. a grace-based faith. Samuel also shares why we need to be sensitive when discussing grace and law. There are so many golden nuggets in this episode; let us know on Instagram which ones impacted you the most! 

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