Ep 06 |The Quintessential Human Experience - Lenya Heitzig
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Ep 06 |The Quintessential Human Experience

On today’s episode, Lenya and Lindsey sit down together to dig in to the importance of the family dinner table. In a recent conversation that Lenya had with a few millennial girls, they explained that they don’t (and won’t) ever desire to cook for their families or that they prefer fast food to home-cooked meals because of the convenience. They want to fight against the societal norm of being a woman in the kitchen.  

On today’s episode, we are sharing the statistically-founded results that come from having dinner with your loved ones. Lenya shares about how home-cooked meals have greatly impacted her grandchildren.

Lindsey talks about the changes that she has made in order for dinner time to happen with two little boys at home. We are sharing practical meal planning tips, recipe ideas and practical advice for moms and grandmas everywhere. We hope you leave this conversation feeling encouraged, challenged and inspired.

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