Ep 04 | Levi Lusko - Lenya Heitzig
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Levi Lusko

Ep 04 | Levi Lusko

Levi Lusko is one of the most well-known pastors in America with a quarter of a million followers on Instagram. He is the godson of Lenya Heitzig and his sweet late daughter, Lenya Lusko, was even Lenya’s namesake.

We took this opportunity with Levi to discuss his opinion on the celebrity pastor movement that seems to be taking over social media, what he thinks about Kanye West’s newfound faith in Jesus. He discusses the dynamic of family and ministry as well as feelings of inadequacy which can stem from being a part of such a well-known church. 

His heart for the body of Christ is encouraging and impactful and his dedication to his family is honorable and admirable. 

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