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Reload Love

by Lenya Heitzig

Will we try to forget all the things we’ve seen?
Or will we see, really see, and then let our emotions
lead us into a new way of living?


This is the story of one woman who refused to look away from atrocities on her television screen. Lenya Heitzig allowed her heart to break at the plight of refugees and the deaths of innocent children, and then she begged God for a job to do.


In this gritty, passionate story, Lenya details the epic way God answered her prayers—how a spark came to life turning weapons of war into something beautiful. Experience the hope found in a children’s playground as you journey with her through the jungles of Burma and the war-torn streets of the Middle East.


Though the shape of your heart and passion may look very different, you will find hope and inspiration in ordinary people who go to incredible lengths to share God’s life-giving love.


Live Relationally: The Women of Genesis

Live Deeply: The Parables of Jesus

Live Abundantly: A Study in the Book of Ephesians

Live Faithfully: A Study in the Book of James

Live Reflectively: Lessons from the Watershed Moments of Moses

Live Tastefully: Savouring Encounters with Jesus

Live Beautifully: A Study in the Books of Ruth and Esther

Live Brilliantly: A Study in the Book of I John

Holy Moments

Quiet Time Package: Quiet Time Simplified: 365 Days with God AND she Notebook


Happy Trials

Don’t Tempt Me

Forgive, For Good

Speak No Evil

Refresh Booklet Package

Other Media