Battling Discouragement

Have you ever been discouraged? Have you ever felt like giving up? I know I have.

In chapter 4 of his book, Nehemiah had bullies that ridiculed him, a workload that crushed him, friends who threatened to desert him, and sleep that eluded him. Yet he plowed through. Let’s look at three points and see how he found encouragement in the Lord:

  1. Haters hate (see Nehemiah 4:1-3, 10-12). The enemies of the Jews—Sanballat, the army of Samaria, and Tobiah—came against Nehemiah and the people with anger, insults, and intimidation. And some of what they said was absolutely true: the Jews were feeble and their building materials for the wall were worthless. But this was God’s job and God’s work, and He was going to make something of it.

Sometimes broken people using burnt stones need to confess their emptiness and look to Emmanuel for encouragement (for starters, see Matthew 19:26; John 15:5; Romans 7:18; 2 Corinthians 12:7-10). When haters start hating, sometimes you need to be weak so that God can be mighty on your behalf.

  1. Leaders lead (see Nehemiah 4:4-5, 9). Nehemiah didn’t retaliate against the haters. He prayed instead, first personally and then publically with the people. They had a mind to work but they also had a heart to pray, and if you have a heart to pray, you can keep your mind to work.

Then Nehemiah positioned his team along the wall (see vv. 13-14) and persevered right alongside them (see vv. 21-23). Nehemiah was not going to back down, back off, or back it on up. He knew that with God, nothing is impossible.

  1. Workers work (see Nehemiah 4:16-18, 19-21). The Jews forged ahead and worked with shovels and swords, using one hand to build and the other to battle. This is because when God builds something, Satan wants to tear it down. You must keep building while you’re battling or you’re not making progress.

And I love that they put a sword at their side. Do you know what our sword is? The Word of God (see Ephesians 6:17; Hebrews 4:12).

When haters hate, leaders lead, and workers work, God is glorified in our lives: “When our enemies heard that it was known to us, and that God had brought their plot to nothing, that all of us returned to the wall, everyone to his work” (Nehemiah 4:15).

God can bring plots against you to nothing. Sometimes you just have to put one foot in front of the other. So if you’re discouraged today, don’t give up. I believe what God did with Nehemiah He can do for you, too. Let’s end with a prayer.

God, You are the God of the impossible. I pray that You would transform my thoughts of discouragement to encouragement. Renew me to go forth in Your strength, building and battling on the walls to which You’ve called me. In Jesus’ name, amen.