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He Will Bring It to Pass

Providence best describes the final phrase in Psalm 37:5: “He shall bring it to pass.” This is a simple step to discovering God’s fingerprints in your life. Be confident, delight in Him, develop holy desires, commit everything you do to the Lord, and trust God with everything-He will surely do His part of bringing about that which concerns you.

While most commentators agree on the meaning of “He shall bring it to pass,” some of their remarks impart a fine distinction to explain its intent. I’ve listed some of their different interpretations to help you grasp this key phrase better:

-He will work.

-He will secure a happy result.

-He will take care of your interests.

-He will accomplish what you desire to be done, but cannot do yourself.

-Leave the guidance of thy life entirely to Him; He will gloriously accomplish all that concerns thee.

This might be hard for you to accept, because there’s nothing left for you to do. Now it’s time for you to simply wait, and watch God move, look for His handiwork in your life. As Moses exhorted the children of Israel just before the Exodus, it’s time to “stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today” (Exod.14:13).

Moses and the people had done all that God had asked them to do. They obediently celebrated the Passover by sacrificing the Lamb, sprinkling blood on their doorposts, and preparing unleavened bread. After the Angel of death had killed the Egyptians’ firstborn, the Israelites asked for back wages in the form of precious metals. Then they departed in haste into the wilderness to meet with God. But the hardhearted Pharaoh changed his mind. He order his army, including 500 chariots, to chase and subdue the renegade nation.

With the army behind them, desolate wilderness flanking them on the left and on the right, they faced a dead-end at the Red Sea. There was nowhere to run and no place to hide. It was humanly impossible to escape. So Moses reminded the people to let go and let God intervene on their behalf, trusting that “He will bring it to pass.” As an act of faith, Moses simply stretched forth the rod in his hand and then witnessed God’s salvation.

How about you? Has God been asking you to make a symbolic gesture of faith? Perhaps He’s asked you to fast and pray. Maybe He’s told you to keep quiet and believe. Or you know that you must stop trying to accomplish God’s will in the power of your own might. There’s nothing you can do to change the situation or make things better. That is the perfect place for God to work. Jesus said, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God” (Luke 18:27). Today could be the day that you simply raise your arms in surrender.