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One Way

For the 60’s generation that dropped out, turned on, and tuned in Chuck Smith pointed them to Jesus with an contagious smile and a finger pointed heavenward.


Society marginalized the long-haired, hippie freaks, but Pastor Chuck opened his heart and church doors to their exuberant, alternate music and groovy way of dressing. While experimenting with “free love” they discovered authentic love in the pages of a little black book. For God is love. The combination of unconditional love and Smith’s magnetic presentation of the Bible launched the first wave of the “Jesus Movement.”


Pastor Chuck Smith moved to heaven today. Because of his ministry, I went from bartender to Bible study leader. I left drug use and promiscuity to become spirit filled and experience incredible intimacy in Christ. May I suggest that we bring back a favorite gesture of those days? In honor of Chuck’s new residence in heaven, let’s point others to Jesus with the “one way” sign! 👆



One thought on “One Way

  1. Cheryl Governale

    October 4th is the anniversary of my own Daddy’s passing some 58 years ago. If it were not for Pastor Chuck’s heart for the Word of God and his serving the Lord, I would not be where I am today in my Faith. I am a life that was changed due to this man’s service to Jesus. He will be missed but he is now in the best place. I do pray for the family and the body of believers that Pastor Chuck graduated ahead of! May we all be witnesses of Christ’s Love and power to the those who still walk in darkness.( ps Lenya, and I would still be sitting on the other side of that bar, on a bar stool !!}

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