Names of God


I have been waiting a long time for January 1, not because I’m making any new resolutions but because I finally get to start my 2013 she Ministries Prayer Journal! This is a project I have prayed about for two years. Since the beginning of my Christian walk, I have always journaled daily in my quiet times. Two years ago, the Lord gave me a vision for a prayer journal that centered daily on the Word of God, basic Christian principles, and prayer.

To complement our current Bible study, Live Awesomely: Exalting the Names of God, you begin each month with a devotion on one of the names of God and this month we discover Elohim, the Creator God.

Last semester, I taught on Elohim and I have to admit, I wasn’t the creation-lover in our family. Skip is the one who notices the beautiful sunsets or fancy birds. But after studying the Mighty Creator God, I have to say I notice His mighty creation even more. Below is the article for you to think on.

In Christ’s Love,


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Elohim (Creator God)

by Laura Z. Sowers

An unknown author wisely said, “Words have meaning and names have power.” This is ever so true when pondering the names of God. Often, the very first thing we know about a person is his or her name. Sometimes the name seems to perfectly capture the personality of the individual. For instance, a cheerful woman by the name of Joy, or a steady and reliable person named Constance.

In early English society, surnames were often established according to the individual’s job or trade, such as Baker, Taylor, or Mason. Occasionally, the name reflected an attribute or characteristic, like Wise or Goodman.

In Genesis, we meet the Creator God, Elohim. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Gen. 1:1). Elohim is a Hebrew word used over 2000 times in the King James Version of the Bible. The first syllable, El, richly conveys the fundamental truth of the Creator: He is God, the ruler of the universe. Implicit in the name Elohim is a plurality that suggests the Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, or the Godhead. In Genesis 1:26, He says, “Let us make man in our image.”

In considering the various names of God, we understand that no one word can capture or do justice to His attributes and characteristics. This is not God’s limitation, but our own. We are bound by language, just as we are liberated by it. It’s reassuring to remember that the greatness of God is a revelation that increases as we learn about Him and endeavor to know Him better.

By learning the various names of God, we increase our sense of wonder and awe in the Lord, which subsequently enlarges our worship and adoration. Elohim is eternal; His creation purposeful and filled with meaning. He lovingly made us in His image.