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Don’t Assume


I recently received a copy of the blog post below. Sometimes we go through seasons where it feels like spiritual war erupts on our door. Spiritual battle is not new to any Christian; we see it all throughout the Bible. With over 30 years in ministry, Skip and I know what spiritual attacks look like. Sometimes, when you’re in the middle of it, you want to run away — hole up in a safe place and wait for the storm to pass.

But oftentimes, God has different plans. Instead of running and hiding, He gives us marching orders and sends us out. He tells us to armor up in order to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand (Eph. 6:14-20). We are to stand our ground and listen only to His voice and no others. We are to stand solely on His Word.

We just know God doesn’t want us to assume anything about the war we are in. He wants us to follow Him into battle and let Him have the victory. Here are some good instructions for charging into battle:

Don’t assume you know all the facts after hearing one side of the story.

Don’t assume the person is guilty just because strong charges are made against him.

Don’t assume you understand a bloggers heart after reading one post.

Don’t assume that famous author, preacher, athlete, politician, or local celebrity wont read what you write and don’t assume they wont care what you say.

Don’t assume the divorced person is to blame for the divorce.

Don’t assume the single mom isn’t following Jesus.

Don’t assume the guy from the Mission is less of a man or less of a Christian.

Don’t assume the pastor looking for work is a bad pastor.

Don’t assume the church that struggles or fails is a bad church.

Don’t assume you’d be a better mom.

Don’t assume bad kids are the result of bad parents.

Don’t assume your parents are clueless.

Don’t assume everyone should drop everything to attend to your needs, and don’t assume no one will.

Don’t assume the rich are ungenerous.

Don’t assume the poor are lazy.

Don’t assume you know what they are all like after meeting one or two of their kind.

Don’t assume you should read between the lines.

Don’t assume you have interpreted the emotions of the email correctly.

Don’t assume everyone has forgotten about you.

Don’t assume they meant to leave you off the list.

Don’t assume everyone else has a charmed life.

Don’t assume a bad day makes her a bad friend.

Don’t assume the repentance isn’t genuine.

Don’t assume the forgiveness isn’t sincere.

Don’t assume God cant change you.

Don’t assume God cant love you.

Don’t assume God cant love them.

What’s your battle? What does war at your door look like? God’s marching orders are the same. Stand your ground, don’t assume anything, and watch Him charge into your war and onto victory.

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