He Created Us To Create


I’m creative by nature. I love the challenge of a project. Once I have a task, I go to places like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s with a mission and I will not be defeated! I’m kind of a cathartic creator. It’s messy, it’s chaotic, and there is no order to it. At times, I travel from idea to idea faster than you can blink. With a history in fashion merchandising, I have my own aesthetic and imagination. You have to know my motto is, “Go big or go home.”

This year will mark Calvary Albuquerque’s 30th year. It’s hard to believe30 years ago Skip and I, newly married, packed up all of our items and moved from the sandy beaches and blue oceans of California to the sandy deserts and blue skies of New Mexico. As often happens over a 30-year time span, some things need to be updated to keep you from being outdated. A few weeks back I was working on a project with our staff to brainstorm of what their vision for the next 30 years will mean for Calvary Albuquerque.

My favorite art designer, Khanh, and I went on a 3-hour adventure in Hobby Lobby. We looked at canvases and lettering, scrapbook paper, Hodge Podge, and every kind of material and adhesive they had. We picked our ideal materials and away we went to my house. As I sat on the floor working out my vision with the purchased supplies, I was in my joy zone. I was slathering glue on my hands and smearing it exactly where I wanted it and I was gleeful like a kid. I think God delights in this same way.

When I think about God and His creativity, the beautiful New Mexico sunsets He paints, the colorful flowers that I believe He makes just for our pleasure, I smile. I think He is a creative God. One of His names is Elohim, which can be translated “mighty Creator.” This is the God who created the entire universe, separated dark from light, land from sea (see Genesis 1), and made all of the animals in every color, shape, and size (see Genesis 2). I can imagine Him creating creatures like the platypus, the anteater, the gnat and (perhaps?) chuckling to Himself when He stood back from His creation.

I think He is a creative God, who made His people to be creative. I am so thankful for this gifting and I have utter joy when I get to operate in it. Now, you might say you have no creative gifting. You can’t knit, scrapbook, or Hodge Podge. But can you sing? Do you make a mean lasagna? Do you grow pretty flowers or delicious tomatoes in your backyard? Creativity doesn’t just include the things found in Hobby Lobby. He didn’t limit His creativity to one kind of animal, or one kind of plant, or even one kind of human. Whatever your niche is, find the childlike joy of the Lord in it. Get messy and chaotic. Delight in it, knowing that the God who created the entire span of the universe also created you in His image, His creative image.