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Diamonds In The Rough


Recently, as I helped a friend accessorize an outfit for a special occasion at a nice department store. I decided to pull off my diamond stud earring to try on a funky piece of costume jewelry. As I untwisted the back of the earring I thought, “Lenya, don’t put this on the counter. You’ll forget to pick it up.” Ignoring the nagging voice within, I feel in love with the shiny baubles, paid for them, and promptly left the store and my diamond earring behind. Several hours later, as our family ate dinner, I remembered. “Oh no! I left my diamond earring at the store.”

My son, said, “Mom that was dumb. You’ll never get it back.”

“Oh yes I will,” I responded, “I believe in prayer and that people do good things.”

After prayer, I called the store to share my plight. And wouldn’t you know it. The earring was behind the counter safely tucked away in a bag. I retrieved it first thing the next day.

Jesus understood that something more priceless than a diamond earring waited in the lost and found of life. He came to seek and save human beings that were lost. You might say these people, including me, were diamonds in the rough. They included prostitutes, murderers, and thieves. Before salvation, we wallowed at the bottom of the lost and found heap: a single mitten, a broken pair of glasses, or a tattered paperback book. But when the Master retrieved us we became jewels of joy.