Cancer Survivor

Long Time, No Chat

It’s been a couple a weeks since my last update. The colonoscopy confirmed that I have two cysts, about the size of a walnut, growing in my abdomen near the incision site. At first the doctors thought that another major surgery was inevitable. Admittedly, the news shocked our family. I remember, with acute detail, the pain and recovery that the first surgery entailed (just months ago). The Heitzig household geared up for round two. Nate, Janae, and Skip all offered to take turns at the hospital and for home convalescing. I’m blessed to have such support. But my radiologist and surgeon conferred and determined that a less invasive procedure could remedy the situation. A long thing needle will be inserted through my hip region to aspirate the cysts. Thankfully, they’re located in an accessible area. Hopefully, this will relieve all my symptoms and allow the docs to do a biopsy without an incision. Whew!


7 thoughts on “Long Time, No Chat

  1. Support of family is wonderful at times like this. Love makes it so much easier I am sure. Lenya we continue to pray for you and hoped all was well since you hadn't written, I figured you were busy with these tests and resting. God be with you through the rest of this ordeal and I'm praying for complete healing, and minimal to no pain for you. Love you!Gloria Sisneros

  2. Our women's bible study group at Refuge is praying for you Lenya. God's peace on your family is evident. I'm so glad we serve a loving, faithful God.In His Might name,Lisa

  3. glad to hear about the aspiration when is your day for this will be praying for you and what an awesome family you havei hope you enjoyed your vacation and had a blessed timeyou are an amazing gift to us allbless you my friend my the Lord keep you and His face shine up you love linda martin

  4. Thankful that you'll not have to undergo another surgery, Lenya. We're praying for positive news when the results come back from the biopsy on the two cysts. We're also so glad you had some R&R time with your family; it was much needed. God has blessed you with such loving support from your family and they are blessed to have you, as we all are at Calvary. May the Lord continue to bless you in all things.With our love always, Joan and Dee

  5. You've done far better altogether than I would have done, Lenya. Reading your comments here is very convicting. Use to think I wasn't one much to complain, but as life as moved along I've let myself get more incensed about insignificant things than I use to. ??? (I mean, like, whats wrong with those people, right? lol!) Thank you for helping to bring us back to reality oftentimes. Concerned and sad that it has had to cost you so much to do so. lovecalinia

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