Cancer Survivor


Good Morning,

Thank you for you words or encouragement and prayers. I have had incredible peace throughout the whole discovery process. Skip has been an angel…barely leaving my side. The Dr.s have been strong advocates on our behalf. To have nearly a dozen test in 4 days…incredible! Also, to move from discovery to diagnosis in a week’s time is amazing. I have every confidence in their care. More importantly, I trust the Great Physician with my life!

I have a couple of pre-op tests on Monday [today]. I have a colonoscopy on Tuesday. My surgery is scheduled for Wednesday 7/8 at 1 PM. Dr. Francisco Ampuero GYN/ONC will perform the procedure. It is a small, highly professional facility. I will have a private room and top notch care.

The surgery will require a vertical incision from my belly button to my pubic bone. The mass is so large that it displaces several vital organs. Therefore, they need to open my abdomen wide enough to pull it out in tact and without compromising adjacent organs. Doctors say that the good news is that the tumor is encapsulated. It hasn’t adhered to other organs, rather it imposes upon them. It is a consistent density. And it has not created fluid in the pelvic area. The even better news? My surgeon called me “thin with almost no belly fat!” He’s now my new best friend.

My mother is flying in on Tuesday. They say I will need someone at the house for 2 weeks to help out. She’ll be here for the entire time. Recovery time is expected to be 2-3 months.

Thanks for your love and prayers!



4 thoughts on “Discovery

  1. Lenya, your peace and sense of humor is contagious!!We are still praying and praying hard!! Please let me know if you need ANTHING at ANYTIME! After all, I live a hop, skip, and a jump away! :)All our love!!!

  2. Hi Lenya, I'm looking forward to "Live Deeply" this fall in the Parables of Jesus! When I read them lately, I can't remember what you and W@C taught us 7 years ago about them?! (Sorta reminds me of reading Revelation lately, just when I thought I had this down–right after Skip teaching it, of course!!)Heard Erwin Lutzer give a Puritan's quote that went something like this: "God allows the devil in order to increase the happiness and the joy of the saints when we overcome satan!" Can hardly wait in anticipation for the overwhelming joy of hearing you teach and explain the Parables of Jesus to us again! You are leading us in "Living Deeply", and we are standing by you and your's in prayer…Love in Jesus, *I Thessalonians 2:17-20* Sandy

  3. Hey Skip and Lenya…a voice from the past…. This is Sky. I was hopping around on the blogs and Ive never gone to yours before but I saw something on Chip's that alerted me. I'm not exactly sure what this means…the "C" word,but I sure will be praying. I had many surgeries a few yrs. back so I can relate quite a bit.I'll let Linda Evans know asap. Prayerfully in Love

  4. Hi Lenya and Skip,Just want to say that I've been praying for you and will continue. Your strong faith in God is such a powerful testimony to so many.God bless you,Linda Simpson

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